N Type Crimp / Crimp Jack


N Type 50 ohm solder crimp straight jack. With gold plated solder centre contact, the contact, which may also be crimped, and the crimp sleeve are annealed for enhanced performance. Suitable for use with Times LMR®400 or similar cables in group DE.. NOTE : FOR COPPER CLAD ALUMINIUM CABLES ie LMR400 WE RECOMMEND SOLDERING CENTRE CONTACT

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Electrical Specification
Impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency Range 11GHz
Dielectric Withstand Voltage 1500 Veff
Insulation Resistance 5000 M-Ohm
Return Loss -17 dB @ 6GHz
Mechanical Specification
Design Standard IEC 61169-8
RoHS Compliant Yes
Centre Contact Termination Crimp
Outer Contact Termination Crimp
Mating Cycles 500
Contact Retention 27N min
Cable Retention 150N min
Weight 32.97g
Mating Force 6.6Ncm max
Un-Coupling Force 6.6Ncm max
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature -55 to +155 Deg C
IP Rating ( Mated ) IP65
Centre Contact Phosphor Bronze
Outer Contact Brass
Insulator PTFE
Centre Contact Plating Gold
Outer Contact Plating Nickel
Pack Size 1

Suitable for Cables in Group DE

Cable Type Cable GroupImpedance
O/D mm
O/D mm

Centre Conductor

Centre Conductor
O/D mm
Centre Conductor
Stranding mm

Outer Conductor

Belden 7810A DE 50 10.24 PE 7.24 BCCAl 2.74 1/2.74 Foil and Braid
Belden 9913 DE 50 10.29 PE 7.26 BC 2.74 1/2.74 Copper Braid
Belden H1000PE DE 50 10.3 PEF 7.15 BC 2.62 1/2.62 Foil and Braid
Belden H2000 Flex DE 50 10.3 PEF 7.15 BC 2.62 1/2.62 Foil and Braid
RG8 DE 50 10.24 PE 7.24 BC 2.62 1/2.62 Foil and Braid
Times LMR®400 DE 50 10.29 PEF 7.24 BCCAl 2.74 1/2.74 Foil and Braid
Times LMR®400 Ultraflex DE 50 10.29 PEF 7.24 BC 2.74 7/0.96 Foil and Braid
TZC50032 DE 50 10.3 PE 7.24 BC 2.74 1/2.74 Copper Braid


Performance Data available on request, please contact COAX
Return Loss
1GHz -42.5dB
2GHz -32dB
4.5GHz -22dB
6GHz -17dB


Assembly Process AP004
Stripping Dimensions SD01
Centre Contact ( We recommend soldering for copper clad cables ie LMR400 ) or 3.25mm Hex 96-336K
Outer Contact 10.9 mm Hex 96-336K


Centre Contact Crimp Tool 96-336K
Outer Contact Crimp Tool 96-336K
Rotary Cable Stripper 96-312S


Interface Dimensions C-50-Ohm-N
Stripping Dimensions SD01
Data Sheet 25 054 B3 DE REV B00 1
Assembly Process AP004