BNC End Launch Bulkhead Jack True 75 Ohm (1.6mm board)

10-462-D36 - 1.6

BNC True 75 Ohm end launch PCB bulkhead jack. This connector gives stable low loss performance to beyond 6GHz and is ideal for 4K / Ultra HD broadcast applications. Suitable for fitting to a 1.6mm PCB. Centre Contact has a heaver gold plating, the outer contact is gold plated. Return loss is better than -19db @ 6GHz.
This Connector is Supplied With a Nickel Plated 14mm AF Nut & Washer

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Electrical Specification
Impedance 75 Ohm
Frequency Range Up to 6 GHz
Dielectric Withstand Voltage 1500 Veff
Insulation Resistance 5000 M-Ohm
Return Loss -19.6 dB @ 6GHz
Mechanical Specification
Design Standard IEC 61169-8
RoHS Compliant Yes
Centre Contact Termination Solder
Outer Contact Termination Solder
Mating Cycles 500
Contact Retention 10N min
Cable Retention 50N min
Weight 12.33g
Mating Force 13.6N max
Un-Coupling Force 13.6N max
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature -55 to +155 Deg C
IP Rating ( Mated ) IP64
Centre Contact Phosphor Bronze
Outer Contact Brass
Insulator PTFE
Centre Contact Plating Gold
Outer Contact Plating Gold
Pack Size 1

Suitable for Cables in Group N/A

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Performance Data 10 462 1 D36 16 PD
Return Loss
1GHz -34.95dB
3GHz -32.49dB
4.5GHz -20.34dB
6GHz -19.9dB


Centre Contact Solder
Outer Contact Solder


16mm Dia Castle Nut 100-075
Castl;e Nut Spanner 96-1140


Interface Dimensions C-75-Ohm-BNC
Data Sheet 10 462 D36 16
Performance Data 10 462 1 D36 16 PD