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TRUE 75 ohm BNC for High Definition Broadcast Systems

COAX BNC Part ShotWith the ever increasing demand for higher definition picture quality of broadcast material, there is greater focus on system components transmitting data without distortion.

For years the BNC connector has been the industry coaxial connector of choice, however standard versions are not suitable for the demands of High Definition broadcast.  At COAX Connectors we have created a True 75 ohm high performance BNC capable of, not only meeting these demands, but also those of the future.

Tested against an equivalent connector from one of the European industry leaders, it can be seen from the chart below that the COAX BNC out performs its rivals.


The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) define the standards for the industry and as such, at COAX we design our connectors to handle future needs by exceeding these requirements.  The standards SMPTE 292M & 424M indicate the performance required for transmission of HD-SDI 1080p picture quality, which requires a connector with low signal loss up to 3GHz.  Future standards are already under discussion for ‘Beyond 1080p’ where connectors will be required to perform up to 6GHz.

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Outwardly, the COAX Connectors True 75 ohm BNCs may not look any different from a general purpose BNC, however what is inside makes the difference.  The design of the internal dimensions and the connector construction are carefully optimised to make our True 75 ohm BNC suitable for the demands of ‘High Definition and Beyond’.  Connectors from COAX Connectors are manufactured to withstand the rigors of the industry and provide enduring performance.  Inner and outer contacts are gold plated, the crimp sleeve and inner contact are annealed to provide optimum crimping performance, and designs to suit a range of cables are available.

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