12G in a Single Punch

When at COAX Connectors we say “Delivering 12G in a single punch” what do we mean?  We will discuss this later, but put simply, this is about using a single transmission line for the latest SMPTE ST 2082-1, 12G SDI and 4K high definition broadcast signals.

The design of coaxial connectors has evolved over many years and as systems get ever faster the physical cable links must be capable of transmitting the high data rates being sent.

With digital data signals, it is possible to split the data and transmit it over two or more parallel cables; this is done when the loss over a single cable would be too great. However adding cables adds significant cost and increases the sheer volume of material being used, the real answer is to transmit more data over a single cable.  To do this cable manufacturers develop new cables to minimize the level of signal loss in their cables, therefore connector manufacturers must not only develop connector variants to fit these new cables, they must also minimise any signal loss.

In a coaxial cable, the signal passing along a length of coaxial cable relies on a smooth path where the dimensions of the centre conductor and outer conductor shielding are consistent, and the shielding prevents RF interference from the outside world.  The majority of any loss occurs as power is absorbed by the cable as a signal travels along its length.  However in a connector, which is a comparatively short length, loss is mainly the result of reflections due to changes in materials and dimensions.

COAX Connector designs minimise these reflections and extensive tests are carried out to measure the signal losses.  Testing is carried out at frequencies up to 18GHz, which is higher than would be required to meet SMPTE ST 2082-1 for 12G SDI, 4K and other high definition standards.  As new coaxial cables are introduced to the market for these HD broadcast standards, COAX Connectors evaluate them to ensure they can offer suitable, high performance connectors.  Their range of BNC & Micro BNC (aka HD BNC) for the broadcast industry now includes connectors suitable for these applications.

In conclusion, to minimise the number of cables being used, a suitable connector from COAX fitted to a high quality cable, will deliver your 12G transmission link in a “Single Punch”

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