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How COAX helps charity communicate well

RF cable assemblies supplied by COAX are currently en-route to Senegal as part of a project to build an ambulance for the village of Darou Fall. Nico van Stiphout, volunteer on the project explains more.

"Fieke and Nico van Stiphout have taken on the project to build an Ambulance for the Village of Darou Fall in Senegal. When this car is ready we will drive the car to Senegal. The project started with the Initiative of my colleague Modou Ba, currently working in Germany, but born in Darou Fall. Modou, with his Charity; Partnerschaft West Afrika, have worked on many projects like building primary and mid-level schools in the village Modou grew up in.

Over the last few years Modou has made a great effort of building a hospital in Darou Fall. This Hospital is now the medical service for the Diogo Medical district. However they did not have an Ambulance. Via a donation from the Molex Charity walk, Modou had the finances to buy a 4 wheel drive vehicle. That was the moment we teamed up with him and started the Ambulance Project.

The car is undergoing a total rebuild to ambulance. The interior is cleaned and lined with a good cleanable surface, vinyl. Outside, flashlights and recognisable striping and lettering are put on. A First aid emergency kit will be mounted in as well.

For the drive to Senegal we will travel with a charity- Student development organisation GoForAfrica. They have a lot of experience in driving cars to Senegal and Gambia. Our trip which will depart 14th of February 2016, from Bakel, the Netherlands.

We will travel in a convoy of 14 vehicles. These vehicles drive in groups of 4 to 5, and sometimes the group will be as big as 14 vehicles. Communication between these groups are essential. This is planned to be done with 27mc communication equipment. Since our budget is limited, we sourced second hand 27mc equipment.

We found out that our RF cable assemblies were faulty. We were then advised to contact COAX Connectors Limited who may be able to support us with resolving our problem. Explaining our need and the fact that we were working for a charity, they did not hesitate to donate us a set of coax cables, and even more.

So now our complete driving group has a perfect connection between the 27mc radio the amplifier and the tuning equipment (dipper) to adjust Antenna settings.

Cable Assemblies

This is our communication set equipped with the donated cables.

A very big thanks to Brian Tea and COAX Connectors Ltd for their contribution to our Charity project”.

Nico & Fieke van Stiphout

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