Alternative connector finishes - Black Nickel, White Bronze, Stainless Steel

Whilst the majority of our connectors are finished in Nickel or Gold as standard we are able to offer a range of other plating finishes to suit your requirements. Details of some of these alternative finishes are provided below.

Black Nickel - Whilst black nickel connectors are suited to use in military, avionics and nautical applications thre are many other potential uses, such as in studios where light reflection on equipment may be undesireable. This N type jack to SMA jack is finished in black nickel. Click here for more info. 

N Type To SMA

White Bronze - White bronze plating is commonly used in telecommunication applcations because it doesn't tarnish, and as such, maintains its connection for longer. The White Bronze Bayonet Lock IP68 Crimp Crimp Plug below provides protection against water and dust in an un-mated position. Click here for more info.

99 027 Q3 AD Bayonet Lock IP68 Crimp Crimp Plug Providing Protection Against Water And Dust In Unmated Position

Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel connectors offer a more corrosion resistance and support higher operation temperatures than those made with brass as a base material. The body of the N-type below jack is made of stainless steel for a more robust corrosion resistant finish. Click here for more info.

The Body Of This N Type Jack Is Made Of Stainless Steel For A More Robust Corrosion Resistant Finish

To discuss the use of an alternative connector finish in an upcoming project please call the COAX sales office on +44 (0)20 8538 9090 or email us at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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